A gaggle of links

First up, oh gods, I WANT! 1/48 Stealth VF-J Valkyrie. So sweet! So pricey!

Then, what you can do with your havok-enabled game engines, and much free time: Oblivion Dominos.

I totally agree with Roboblog III’s comments about this New Voltron Demo (for a new series?): “Kind of a shame, though, that the clip of representative animation from the Voltron remake looks significantly inferior to the Voltron combination sequence from the original TV series, which was animated in 1981. Something really wrong there.” The pre-combination sequence isn’t bad per se, but ugh. Give me “Activate Interlock!”

Finally, something special. This is awesome. Mr Rogers in a US Senate hearing on funding for the newly developed Corp for Public Broadcasting, in the most pivotal moment with Senator Pastore. Won’t you be my neighbor?

One thought on “A gaggle of links

  1. Jason June 5, 2006 / 11:24

    Absolutely fantastic.

    What a great man!

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