Architects on Film

Are architects hot? Seen steps above the rest? Passionate? Are presented as having something others do not in their daily lives? The SF Chronicle takes a look at that today in this article, which is fun especially for the cover photo. The number of hollywood stars (and the number of lead roles) would seem to indicate it… though the idea that “Unlike a painter or poet — to which the adjective “starving” is, for good reason, attached — architects are assumed to have an earning capacity that would allow them to live large on the screen” is sadly perpetuated though the films (especially in north america where real estate agents often make more for selling the thing than the architect makes for designing, managing, overseeing, and combatting to get it built). Still, it’s fun to be part of a ‘glamorous’ profession.

In another section of the paper today is a rather poignant quote and observation: “Somehow, in an age where technology has made everything instantaneously audible (and visible), we’ve turned ourselves into insulated eavesdroppers and avid voyeurs who’ve lost the form and content of genuine discourse. Instead of conversing, listening and considering the context, we’re poised to pounce, pass judgment and pile on.”

Things to consider.

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419 Spam can be fun


I hate diseases that defile medicine… (and no, I don’t normally make a habit of reading 419 spam, in case you’re wondering…)

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All sorts

Hmm. I seem to be doing lots of ‘catching up posts’ lately. Much goodness that keeps me from the typing…

Wrist, unfortunetaly, is not quite yet all goodness. I am considering another visit to Dr Wong, there is probably something still not quite right that could use his expertise to set it back in working order. There’s only one or so directions of movement that causes pain, though my typing has been rather poor today. What this means is a continuation of what I’ve been doing at ‘fu: lots of running (and the stairs felt pretty good on saturday, woo!) and kicks. My aim to do tonnes of bagua practice and applications during this month off has been totally derailed by this injury, though, which is unfortunate. More practice of practice on top of practice of new stuff in September is all it means.

Ran Bloodstone last night, a solid foray that had the party come face to face with demonic foes for the first time, all done on custom maps created (photoshop) and printed on 30×42 pages, which added a nice flair. The party’s dice luck continued (played at JasonKF’s place, on his new table, which everyone swore had an “old gypsy curse” on it) which knocked out a few well-needed or timed things and a few spells. But the battle went well for the party overall, and ended at a good breakpoint for the next part of the adventure.

Got a new Core 2 Duo system at work, brand new, very sweet and very speedy which is making the large renderings I’m doing much speedier. Well, that and with the new bucket rendering I’ve got 7 processors of rendering luuuuv going on per image. And the images are turning out pretty sweet — due friday, then I can start on the animation. The other irons in the fire at work are also being tended to.

Thats the quick-like overview of some of the physical doings of the past week(s)!

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Back online

Much to catch up on!

Sunday past was Eberron, and wow, a damn good Eberron game. A great mix of action, investigation, searching, dialogue, interaction, events, mystery, discovery, creepiness, shock, running, fantastic locales (and mental images) and exhausted and taxed out characters. We were short two players/characters and rocked the house. I’ve never rolled so many diplomacy checks in my life. Good good good stuff.

Tuesday, we had very few in Kung Fu (practice month) so we were going through all the basic sets: Lian Bo, Tan Tuy, Tun Da, Staff, Moi Fa, Broadsword, Bot Bo, Spear, Moi I, Chum Sam. Mid-way through broadsword I fracked up my wrist. I felt it go OW, and I backed off somewhat, but completed the set. Did the rest of class, trying to not go to hard on the wrist. As to be expected, Wednesday it was really not happy. I’ve been to Dr Wong twice now and am giving it the herbal bag treatment — let’s just say I really whacked it up good. Ow, and much rest I will give it. It must be all healed for Tiger Crane Hung Gar in September…

In other news, the temperature has shot way back up again, I’m still studying, I still get to play with 3D stuff at work, editing Sifu’s book, saw Wendy2 on Sunday for an excellent lunch (both food wise and especially company wise), discovered and uncovered some profound things for myself which have shown up in my life immediately, and another packed weekend ahead.

“The joy in journey is not the destination, but the journey itself.”

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