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Much to catch up on!

Sunday past was Eberron, and wow, a damn good Eberron game. A great mix of action, investigation, searching, dialogue, interaction, events, mystery, discovery, creepiness, shock, running, fantastic locales (and mental images) and exhausted and taxed out characters. We were short two players/characters and rocked the house. I’ve never rolled so many diplomacy checks in my life. Good good good stuff.

Tuesday, we had very few in Kung Fu (practice month) so we were going through all the basic sets: Lian Bo, Tan Tuy, Tun Da, Staff, Moi Fa, Broadsword, Bot Bo, Spear, Moi I, Chum Sam. Mid-way through broadsword I fracked up my wrist. I felt it go OW, and I backed off somewhat, but completed the set. Did the rest of class, trying to not go to hard on the wrist. As to be expected, Wednesday it was really not happy. I’ve been to Dr Wong twice now and am giving it the herbal bag treatment — let’s just say I really whacked it up good. Ow, and much rest I will give it. It must be all healed for Tiger Crane Hung Gar in September…

In other news, the temperature has shot way back up again, I’m still studying, I still get to play with 3D stuff at work, editing Sifu’s book, saw Wendy2 on Sunday for an excellent lunch (both food wise and especially company wise), discovered and uncovered some profound things for myself which have shown up in my life immediately, and another packed weekend ahead.

“The joy in journey is not the destination, but the journey itself.”

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