Architects on Film

Are architects hot? Seen steps above the rest? Passionate? Are presented as having something others do not in their daily lives? The SF Chronicle takes a look at that today in this article, which is fun especially for the cover photo. The number of hollywood stars (and the number of lead roles) would seem to indicate it… though the idea that “Unlike a painter or poet — to which the adjective “starving” is, for good reason, attached — architects are assumed to have an earning capacity that would allow them to live large on the screen” is sadly perpetuated though the films (especially in north america where real estate agents often make more for selling the thing than the architect makes for designing, managing, overseeing, and combatting to get it built). Still, it’s fun to be part of a ‘glamorous’ profession.

In another section of the paper today is a rather poignant quote and observation: “Somehow, in an age where technology has made everything instantaneously audible (and visible), we’ve turned ourselves into insulated eavesdroppers and avid voyeurs who’ve lost the form and content of genuine discourse. Instead of conversing, listening and considering the context, we’re poised to pounce, pass judgment and pile on.”

Things to consider.

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