Another week went rapidly by!

Last Friday was the big push for the rendering project at work — with all the horsepower I was rounding up it was done with nary a hitch (at least until our colour printer decided to start streaking the images) and the images look mighty fine, MIGHY mighty fine, if I do say so myself (I guess I just did). Now it’s on to the animations… about 2-3 mins worth. Time to round up even more machines to put onto the farm…

The best part about this project, other than the fun factor, is how much I’ve learned about mental ray and about making good looking stuff. Nicely will come in handy for the next big project(s).

Saturday had a rather light kung fu workout as an old-time student came by to visit. He was a bagua student and Sifu and I caught him up to date with what we’d done with the class, and then he and I and another student did a full circle set. Some running and the stairs (which, all things considered, didn’t feel bad at all) and it was time to go. Less than a week until Tiger Crane starts up, and I am totally psyched! We’re playing the game to PACK the kwoon with students, and I’ve got 3-4 new students who’ll be starting up, four more who came in and whom I told about the course, and some feelers out, and we’re getting in touch with a few who drifted away. This’ll be a great class, I can tell already that it will be one of shared growth and much fun. Like Bagua it’ll be all learning for me, this time in a similar yet subtly different style. Plus I’ll be finishing up Six Harmonies Spear, learning Six Harmonies Broadsword and hopefully Kuan Do.

Wrist, after another Dr Wong visit, is healing nicely, and should be ready to go next week.

Saturday eve, Melissa and I heading over to Frederick and Ofelia’s house eat, visit, party and see some slides of their recent trip to Austria before returning home for a rather quiet evening.

Sunday turned out to be a Bloodstone Sunday (the player who was to be absent discovered his trip starts next week), and the party spent much time interacting, searching, figuring things out, planning. A speak with dead upon a deceased svirfneblin brought more information, and his tale of enslavement roused a few party members. The portal (the one guarded by the demons) was eventually activated and the party took themselves deeper into the Underdark. They soon discovered a work detail, dispatching the duregar overseers and learning of a way to reach the svirfneblin kingdom-in-exile. One very amusing trap later as the party reached the city-under-captivity they wend their way down from a waterfall, through a field of fungus to a small passageway that their rescued svirfneblin companions said would take them to the kingdom-in-exile. Given the 1st edition nature of these modules it was a nice break from the majority of combat that has often dominated the sessions, and everyone got into it. Oh, and I think it’s safe to say that Sir Barus loves his new hammer…

On a much sadder note, it seems Shadow is not doing all to well. She is 18, which I do understand is old for a cat, but that she was mousing (two mice in as many weeks!) just a couple of months ago makes this turn all the more sudden and harder to take. I called a vet and spoke to him today, and spoke to my parents and got a list of vets in their area who may do house calls. (Shadow could never stand going to the vet, she would get very violent and traumatized — having someone come over is what I want for sure, having her freak out in this state would not be nice nor good) I should find out soon what the prognosis is, and will make the choices as they come.

That’s it for this evening…

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