Tigers and Cranes

Game: successful! 22 Students were there to begin the seminar last night, and at least a confirmed four more will be starting next week. It is great to have the kwoon packed and have Sifu Lam teaching us (for a full two hours this time too). Sifu split us up into three groups — those who’ve done T/C before, those who’ve not and those who are starting kung fu for the first time (six new students). There was no time wasted and soon we were deep into the first movements of the set. Very amusingly, my legs groaned under holding stances again for minutes at a time. You’d think that the low Bagua walking plus doing sets would keep them in shape but apparently not, there’s just something different about holding stationary stances…

My wrist wasn’t terribly pleased with it all but didn’t give me too many problems during the night. There was great energy from everyone there and great camraderie as well… a great kung fu class.

4 thoughts on “Tigers and Cranes

  1. Jason September 7, 2006 / 08:40

    Yeah, stationary stuff is typically harder. Dynamic poses allow the muscles which are being used to shift about, so different muscles are engaged at different times. Stationary poses force one muscle/group to activate and stay activated. I suppose it’s kind of like the difference between sprinting and long distance running.

  2. Kannik September 7, 2006 / 14:28

    True true… like when I started Kung Fu and thought “I’ve done TONNES of biking, I aught to have strong quad muscles!” -collapse- :P

    Time to build them back up!


  3. Wendy September 8, 2006 / 21:15

    Oh, I’m so glad it worked out! Congratulations on helping the school survive.

  4. Kannik September 11, 2006 / 15:08

    Thanks Wendy — I’m giddy at our own success }:)

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