I: drive is AWOL

QotD: “You peer through the window. In the back of the dimly lit hut you can make out a sleeping… Make a spot check… (player rolls, 18) Orc.”

Week in… week out. Busy, fun. Also kicked back for some serious WoWage on Saturday night, and did brunch with Melissa followed by a trek to Mount Umunhum. I’m not making this up!

Today we arrived at work to learn that all four drives in our RAID array died hideous, horrible deaths sometime during this morning. Yes, the redundant nature of RAID kinda loses its ‘feature’ if very disk in the array dies. So today has been one of zero productivity.

Coming up tomorrow are the 10 Tiger movements – Sifu implored us not to miss the class, so I’m gearing up for some serious nifty-age.

LotD: Not surprising, alas.

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