Last weekend I spent with a little visit to that city of excess: Las Vegas. ‘Twould be my first visit there, with the plan to meet up with my parents and catch some of the shows. I figured I would be alternately architecturally amazed and horrified.

To sum it up in a word, BIG. The famous Las Vegas strip is all about big. The hotels are big (2000-7000 rooms). The casinos are big. The street is big. The billboards and video screens are big. The buffets are big. The statues are big. The budgets are big. The planned developments are huge. There really is nothing low-key or small on the strip (the costumes in the reviews and cabarets are likely small, but probably not considered low-key). It really was quite more than I expected in that way.

My parents and I, in the end, saw three shows over two days: Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka, Blue Man Group, and Cirque Du Soleil’s O. The Cirque shows really deserve their own entry, so they’ll get that. Blue Man Group was a bit different than I was expecting, but was a very raucous, exciting and fun show with humour and much audience participation. The fact I like percussive music so much (hello Taiko!) of course helps.

I had plenty of walking time to explore, arriving Friday just before my parents went to see a show, and leaving Monday evening post-departure of my parents. I walked up and down (and back up and back down) the strip several times, exploring all the major spots, from the gondola-filled canal of the Shops of Venice to the amazing wine tower of Aureole, and everything in between. To try to cobble some semblance of order to commenting would be almost counter to the whole experience, nay, raison-d’etre of the strip. So I’ll take the slot-machine approach and scatter:

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