A new cycling motion

On my ride into work this morning I got really present to something interesting, something that I began toying with and ultimately came out of the Bagua training earlier in the year: a new way to ride my bicycle.

It’s hard to describe really what I’m doing, or doing differently. When I began to play around with it I only had the intent to ‘use my centre’ when riding the bike. What resulted and what I really noticed this morning was interesting to say the least: the bike moving along as fast or faster as the ‘old’ riding style, with my legs feeling like they’re doing almost no work at all (no exertion). I thought originally that with my legs feeling so unused that while comfortable I must be just plodding along, but a look at the speedometer proved that no really, this not only was working but working quite darn well, even uphill.

It’s weird, it’s effortless (not totally, but by comparison for sure) and fun to play with. And given I realized half way to work this morning that I had forgotten my change of clothes and had to double back I got plenty of time to notice it.

Weekend was mostly great, with a couple of Halloween parties (one local at Tiff’s, one not-local with one of Melissa’s friends) and a wedding for another of Melissa’s friends at a local winery that featured great food, great people and some fantastic wine. The red was a Pinot Noir, but with a twist: a blend from seven vineyard all up and down the California coast. Sure, many wineries will blend like such, but imagine doing a blend sort of in the European model (where all vineyards blend different grape varieties to create their wine, hence most wines being known by region rather than grape type) using different terroirs rather than different varietals. Very nice.

Also within the weekend was a great KF practice with a great run, Tiger Crane, Shaolin and even some Bagua. I need to practice the latter some more, it’s been a while.

So my question is… what the heck happened to October? Nanowrimo begins Wednesday! Aie!

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Gaming Quote of the Day:

There is the ‘bestiary’ for metamorphs, which includes as one example the Berserker (an example of the ‘Internal Metamorph’), along with a nanometal robot, three examples of lycanthrope and two selections from Mike Surbrook’s Asian Bestiary, one of which is the Japanese prankster-spirit called the Tanuki, which in addition to its illusion/shapeshift abilities also has a scrotum measuring approximately 144 sq. ft. in area, allowing it to use this elastic mass for several power stunts in a Multipower (titled ‘Enormous Scrotum’) one of which is a hypnotic drumbeat with the Limitation Gestures (‘must pound scrotum throughout’).

Ladies and Gentlemen, this has to be the coolest Hero System Multipower EVAR. I mean, yes, Dr. Destroyer can blow you away with his 30 dice Energy Blast, but he can’t whip out his gigantic ball sac and sling it around somebody’s neck like a garrote. No siree. If your character saw that sort of thing, he’d be traumatized for life.

(back from vacation, will post soon to catch up!)

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