Three points of bullet

As I was idly reading a magazine this past weekend I came across an article that spoke of a new ‘genre’: the ecosexual. Related to the metrosexual, the ecosexual is one for whom their green-ness is such a part of their ‘lifestyle’ (and I do understand how loose or imprecise that word can be) that it can inform and influence whom they wish to be with in their lives. This latter point seems apart from the usual metrosexual definition, so I’m not sure if the article author was trying to say it automatically informed it, or the opposite direction, namely that some are quite into it and thus it shows up in their romantic potentials and possibilities. It wasn’t a very in-depth or exhaustive article, but interesting nonetheless.

I added a nanowrimo counter to the right sidebar on my page, so you can now follow my follies! Or progress, if you prefer… clicking on the bar will take you to a more detailed breakdown and prediction. So far writing goes well, and I’m exited to see how long the ideas keep flowing and where I really have to start making stuff up.

This weekend, I discovered my gamer weakness, at least in this one campaign. Money, items, goods, they all held little draw for me. But when a fellow party member lucked out to receive a boatload of experience points, I was done for, I was hooked. My mind would think of little else the entire eve! Oh, sweet, sweet XP, how I crave thee! (and we are talking a BOATLOAD) Pulled me right out of character in many ways, oy. For shame!

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