Five down, four to go!

In my mailbox today was an envelope from the California Architect’s Registration Board. With nervous fingers I opened it. Inside were my results for Building Planning: Pass! Woo!

I’m starting to study for Mechanical/Electrical now, about two months later than the timeline I had created at the start of the year. So I’ve written a new timeline that will still have me completing everything for licensure in mid-2008.

Le w00t!

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Half way

25k words reached, and surpassed. Crazy, the halfway point — feels so short and yet so long away. Prose is not flowing as easily as it had been as I get into the middle and strive to advance an actual story. I’m especially becoming prone to going back and reading what I already have to be sure I’m not repeating literary structure or just plain repeating, and I have to keep giving up doing that, that isn’t part of my game. It’s write, write, write…

I’m so glad no one has to read this drek, though!

Bloodstone was the game this past Sunday, and it went well. We got off to a late start but it moved along mostly well, and the characters have now entered leading to the most dungeon-y part of this module, woo! Truly the world of 1st edition has now been entered. The crux is near!

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