… with still a bit more to go to finish off the story. Wow. I’m a bit amazed I made it. Things truly have shifted. It was fun, though not always forthcoming, sometimes I had to get myself to the keyboard to start, sometimes I found myself already there. I certainly won my game of a) completing it and b) of quantity over quality (ie writing and writing and writing). Woo!

You’ll have to excuse me, however, if I say I don’t want to do quite that again soon. Next year… ? Maybe!

3 thoughts on “Aaaannnnddd….

  1. Murrgon December 1, 2006 / 05:20

    Congratulations :)

  2. Jason December 1, 2006 / 17:07


    where do we go to read it?


  3. Kannik December 4, 2006 / 13:05

    Well… if you really want to subject yourself to it, email me and I’ll send you a copy. }:)

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