Sun Style

I’ve been somewhat avoiding speaking about Kung Fu over the past little while. With the close of Tiger/Crane came the closing of the school. Sifu has retired from public teaching after four decades, and the space itself has been repurposed. Sifu has not, however, dropped out from our lives entirely; we (being a group of the senior students) still meet twice a week to learn. Currently we are learning Sun style Tai Chi, which is exciting given Sun Style’s background and union of Xing Yi, Bagua and Wu Tai Chi, bringing the art back to a whole.

If I thought Bagua was an interesting switch, Sun Tai Chi is even more so. The whole feel of it is very different, naturally, and most interesting is its subtlety. Turning a hand or a foot even one inch one way or the other can lead to a total lack of strength in a position. It’s fascinating and illuminating, and the sensitivity being developed is really fun, as is the greater energy generation and control (this especially will be useful for me in winter when my hands tend to go bone white). We’re definitively just getting into it, so it will be a nice long learn, and that is just fine with me.

We’re also working on arranging for another space to practice in at least once a week, which will give us a larger area for Hung Gar/Shaolin sets. On Sundays right now we’re meeting outside at a local community centre, and this past Sunday was a) sunny and warm and b) the first time in a long time I’ve done actual KF sets. I have to admit I have not been being responsible for the upkeep of my training (especially on Thursdays) so I’ve been actually feeling my body/heart complaining about not getting enough use. To this end I’ve done some runs again at Rancho San Antonio, including a quite amazing (to me, didn’t realize I had it in me) 5.5mi run / 2mi hike over the turkey weekend. But the sets winded me this past weekend, aptly showing the 1 day missed / 3 days lost rule.

Winded or no, it felt real good to hammer out those sets again.

Learning continues, in further and further depth, still practicing, still committed to it and still loving it. The times and particulars have changed, but my passion has not.

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