And that’s the way it is…

January 2, 2008

2007 has come to a close.

Ordinarily I would be following my tradition and saying, “where did the year go??”  But something interesting occurred this year: the year did not rush me by.  I almost had the experience of, not necessarily of time slowing down, but of all of it (that is all of the time available) being there without any of it missing.  You know, without that “how is it already December, did I miss November?” sort of thing.  That was certainly interesting, and I do say enjoyable.  Being there for every moment.

Now here I stand, pulling out the mirror to look back at the paths I have travelled this past year.  And what paths they have been!

It has been three years since started looking into ontology and participated in the Landmark forum and I think now at this point I will say that my life is unrecognizable compared to where it was when I started.  I think at some point, especially this year, I expected things to slow down in terms of things shifting and all that.  Turns out that was so not the case.  I had some remarkable and profound breakthroughs this year that rocked me to my core.  Now, by unrecognizable, it’s not like you can’t tell it’s not Kannik anymore, because I still enjoy the same things, still partake in lots of the same things, still have the same interests, still a geek, gamer, architect, all of that.  But it’s so funny because there were a number of times this year where I was practically beside myself, in the middle of something, observing what was going on and thinking “Wow, that is _so_ not how this would usually go, or not how I would expect myself to be here,” it was like I couldn’t recognize myself in the conversation, situation, whatever.  And it was going the way I would want it to go.  And I’m so surprised by it because I have a history of how it usually would go and its not going that way.  And that touches on just so many aspects, basically all aspects of my life, from sleep (I get to sleep quicker) to work (see below) to kung fu to money (my money concerns are gone) to my handwriting (even that, yep) to whatever.  I stand surprised and amazed… so remarkable.

I passed to more of the Architectural Registration Exams this year, and am on track still to be a licensed architect by years end of 2008 — that’s pretty big.  I also continued to take leaps and bounds at work, and to actively take on more and more things (which remarkably have been without feeling like doing much extra work or extra difficulty, which is so counter-intuitive) and ended the year with a fantastic review that has me this =><= close to being promoted to project manager.  Most awesomely, not once but twice I got to design and create for a project (one was a complete building, the other was part of a building) that excited the principal in charge and he let me develop the design or he (to quote) “took your idea and ran with it.”  And in both cases it was for major clients.  Very cool.

Learning Sun Style Tai Chi this year was really interesting, and it had a huge impact on my understanding of martial arts as a whole.  Every time I practice it something new unfolds.  It’s such a different world compared to the Shaolin and Hung Gar (the latter of which I also was learning this year), yet it has informed my practice of those two styles immensely as well.  It’s also counter-intuitive in its own right, and also so much an illustration of the “road leading forever towards the horizon.”  I had fun this year performing kung fu for a friend’s video project, and I was also sought out to teach privately.  And I made great strides in co-writing a book with Sifu Lam, and am setting the goal of completing the book by the end of this year.  What’s missing for me in there is the workout aspect I used to feel when the school was still up and running;  though I practice three times per week still, with Tai Chi being a focus the workouts tend to be less intense.  That is an area I’ll look into the coming year to bring my ‘fitness’ back up.

Part of that will be through climbing, which I began anew in the latter part of last year.  It was good to get the fingers back on the rock, and with all that time away there’s much room for growth and rediscovery there.  I’m really looking forward to applying what I’m getting with Tai Chi into my climbing, and see what comes out of that.

I filled this year with awesome trips and events, including our adventurous hike up Half Dome, the trip to Kilarney that was my first backcountry canoe/camping trip, plus the weekend of skiing, the movie nights, the evenings with Loreena McKennit and Cirque du Soleil, and more.  And of course the excellent two-week long trip home that I just returned from.

The second module of my campaign was completed on an amazing high note, with sessions that saw the players engaged, tense, involved, spontaneously cheering, and with miniatures placed on a map I created that impressed.  It was really gratifying to see that all come to pass.  I also took on and had a blast at being the editor/collector/manager/layout artist/writer/etc for a company-official gaming magazine, and Aurora e-published six successful issues, with the first issue for the new year heading out the proverbial door.

I switched my diet this year (which means my webpage about what I eat is now out of date!), I held my energy use steady, stabbed my hand and got it in a cast without any chagrin or despondence, had some great food, saw beauty erupting all around me, made a difference in the lives of others and saw people bust out to the fullest of who they are, I crafted a wicked (and I mean it turned out real nice) animal-head mask for my upcoming kung fu demo, had fun playing WoW, read some nifty books, explored some business opportunities that would have been unthinkable to me in the past (as in I would never even consider I could do that given my circumstances), took some great photographs, made some missteps along the way and cleaned them up, fell in love with the movie Ratatouille, got paid for writing gaming materials, and, I got a guan do!

Standing here looking back the most profound breakthrough I had was in just being with people.  I had never known nor noticed how much of there was of me between being with someone, or said another way, how much it really was of me being in my head about being with that person, rather than just being out there, with that person.  It really shook up my experience of life.  I’m also thrilled with the continued unfolding into the world of what I call “Being a Kung Fu Master,” that is, being one with the world, at play and always in adventure, with the freedom to be, no matter the circumstances.  Also that also continues to really alter the way life occurs for me.

With all that in the mirror, I now look forward into the future called 2008.  To each and all I wish a prosperous and adventurous new year, and may the only combat that sees the light of day occur on the gaming table or PC, and not in the world proper.  A world that works for everyone, with no one left out.

Happy new year, everyone!

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  1. I know you will continue to inspire those around you to greater heights than what can be imagined. You are a wonderful creator, and I’m happy to call you my friend :’)

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