QotD, LotD


“yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skilfully curled)
all worlds” 

EE Cummings

LotD1:  I found this article interesting, talking about the nightly news (and, perhaps about news media in general) and story selection on NBC.

LotD2:  A companion article, if you will, to go along with my earlier post about the plastic continent.

To that end, here’s the second QotD:

“If there is one green message to remember in 2008, it is this: Give up hope.
Give up hope that everything will turn out fine.
Give up hope that the government will do something for us.
Give up hope that the person beside you will do something.
Give up hope that someone will save us.
Give up hope that some new technology will save us.
Give up hope. Because when hope dies, action begins.”  — Eugene