Floating puffily

With the rainy action we’ve had in the Bay Area over the past couple of days I’ve had the opportunity to see some very nice cloudscapes, as they interact with the mountains. There was one especially striking one I saw driving home in the early evening this weekend: it was a break in the rain, with the sun out, and driving towards the western hills laid out a vista of a series of cloudlets, isolated and individual yet closely spaced enough to form a rich 3D tapestry from the top of the hills down, then extending for some way accross the valley, white and puffy and looking much like I would imagine flack bursts might (except not black and not deadly). Wild wild stuff nature offers up for us when we least expect it.

Had the first Shaolin workout this past friday since the holidays began, and it felt great! Stayed a bit longer to play around with some rolls, kip-ups and other fun fancy things (my student’s basement where we practice has athletic padding). And woo, did I feel of that for the rest of the weekend (and, honestly, still am). Good old owie return to activity! Also Rev and I had our first practice for the upcoming demo with drum accompanyment from Lori, and our first practice in mostly full-costume too. The drums really add to it, totally rocks.

And I will say, it’s pretty cool when you walk into the office and your boss hands you a $100.00 bill. (!)