“God invites each of us to participate in the process of transforming the world — to create a world in which every person knows their infinite and irreplaceable worth and can truly fulfill their potential.”

— Nobel Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Leafy Goodness!

First arugula harvested from the garden… oh wow it’s amazingly strong stuff!  My housemate Nick fired up a sun dried tomato and olive pasta sauce, with toasted sunflower seeds and the arugula, and we went to town.  Super tasty.  And I’ve got loads of it still, w00t!  (not to mention more growing… and the other things growing… )

Bloodstone Chapter 3: Complete!

“Heading north towards the valley, the travelling companions made good time through the now friendly kingdoms.  Soon they had climbed the familiar trails into the mountains, and their destination, the village, appeared on the horizon, looking cozy in the evening air.  A large eagle alighted near them, morphing into their druid friend.  Smiles soon turned downward as the news was shared:  fowl happenings in the lands to the north.  As the sun set behind the mountains, plunging the world into twilight, all eyes turned towards the distant northern horizon.  Night was not falling there.  An unnatural illumination that speared into the dusk, glowing, pulsing, uneasy.  There was work left to be done.”

And with that the third module of the Bloodstone Lands campaign was complete!  And despite the cliff-hanger it ended on a good note, with great deeds done, the many baronies and duchies freed from the Grandfather’s clutches, the scheme to merge a part of the Abyss with the prime material plane stopped, and the platinum knight now also a knight of 5 of those baronies and duchies.  A good strong ending to cap a game that started strong, hit its Empire Strikes Back moment, puttered a bit in the middle through gaps in playing and disjointed adventure crafting, hitting its stride in this new year to roar to a close.   Fourth edition proved itself most capable of the task for the game, it too getting better as it was improved both from its publisher and from us around the table.  And now the scene is set for the epic fourth module and conclusion!

Thank you all my players, I had a great time running the adventure.   Just a little over two years did we spend (off and on) playing through this one.  Next up is the re-creation of the Dragon’s Gate campaign — I get to dust off Katya and get my player hat on, woo!


“The concept of portraying evil and then destroying it — I know this is considered mainstream, but I think it is rotten”

— Hayao Miyazaki

 (yet another reason for me to like him and his oeuvres  even more, speaking to the subtleties and verily to the reality of the nuances in life, in action, in spirituality, and the perils of reducing everything to good/bad, us/them, righteous/abomination, AND against the perchance to resolve every story through fighting)

Gaming Money Brilliance

I have just bought an infinitely higher number of electronic games this year than I have in the past few years.  This means I have given an infinitively higher amount of money to people/companies for games than I have in the past few years.  A divide by zero thing, you see… This year I have bought four games, all by independent companies making games I want to buy.  What a novel concept.

Also gaming related:  I’ve just published Aurora 6.2!   Grab your copy here:  http://aurora.dp9forum.com