Not so Brave after all

When I first saw the trailer for Brave I got very interested, very fast.  “Can do no wrong” Pixar, makers of some of my fav films , doing a spunky Scottish female story?  With something mythological going on?  Count me in!

A string of unbroken successes (I didn’t see Cars or Cars 2) and some new directions… Friday afternoon, I went to see what they wrought.

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Braised Legs of Soreness

So in prep and training for the China trip (woo!) I’ve been runnin’ and hikin’ up and down the hills at Rancho San Antonio more a gaggle of miles at a go, been doing my training and teaching four times a week, a few extra exercises and stretches here and there, and that wee bit of climbing back at the turn of the year.  The fabu news is that my cardio endurance has taken off very well and come back strong.  The less fabu news is that my legs are quite lagging behind, and are the limiting factor right now, being pretty much sore all the time, even to the point sometimes of having me curtail a practice.  So that’s what’s happening.

But… thank the gods my friend stuck with me and enticed me to do the Landmark Forum.  Given where my body was in 2009, that is to say the excellent shape it was in, the razzle dazzle and jumpiness and endurance and strength and all that greatness that allowed me full play and expression in my martial arts, and THEN given how the thyroid thing kaiboshed that body over the course of six months, a year of recovery in 2010, a year of ankle injury in 2011, and even now thanks to the lingering effects of the thyroid thing this slow recovery that has my legs be sore and be a limiting factor… with all that it would have been so easy to be frustrated, upset, angry and compainy.  So easy for me.  And the detriment that would have had on my efforts to train up for China… how slow things go and how prone to further woes we are when frustrated.  It would’ve made this most unpleasant and just compounded in on itself.

That I’m here, training in the space of possibility, has made all the difference to have me even get to where I am now and be able to go to China totally with the intent to just rock it as hard as I can, whatever level that is, and to ‘die’ over there and leave it all on the floor just as I did on the previous trips.  Doing this with ease and grace and being able to be self expressed in my martial arts even as the body does what the body does.

Three weeks until the trip.  I can almost taste it.

(Been also reviewing the photos and diaries from my previous trips… so much good times)

QotD on Creativity

This is nice… a good quote by Ira Glass all about creative endeavours and especially about the “gap”:

That explanation and distinction of the gap is great.  It can be easy to fall into frustration and self-diminishment when starting out and the gap is so pronounced, so easy to make up a story about how much our ability must actually suck.  Knowing about this gap makes that all go away, and leaves us free to play.


“I don’t understand what it is about the idea of a “medium” that people find so confusing; it’s a conceptual space where works that share certain characteristics may occur.  Nobody is going to approve of the entire continuum.  …  There are also niches, as in any ecology.  You can certainly find things you don’t like, but those things aren’t anti-matter; when they come into contact with things you do like, there is no hot flash which obliterates both.  This totalizing dialogue, where “everything” and “everyone” is this or that, and here are the teams, and morality is a linear abstraction as opposed to its three dimensional reality is a crock of ******* ****.”

— Tycho @ Penny Arcade

Awash in Possibility

You know the phrase “Always drill the basics?”  Very true in martial arts, and I got very grounded in that in reviewing the Landmark Forum this weekend.  I’d nearly forgotten and let lapse a bunch of the fundamentals while playing with the later distinctions.  Out of getting back in touch with the foundation (you’d think an architect would remember this!) a whole new world of peacefulness and performance is opening up to me.  Sweeeeeeeet.  Gotta love it!