Thank the gods for transformation…

Catch up work after 17 day vacation, finding campmates to actually make my camp happen, two medical tests, dr appointments, house water emergency, setting up repairs, working with, sorting through and calling/talking/doing/etc with contractors, cleanup specialists, insurance agents, and more, cataloguing damage, moved half of my room into storage, can’t sleep at home due to damage, finishing projects at work, working with financials, dealing with unhappy persons, gathering and prepping for Burning Man, organizing my camp and the larger camp, prepping the schedule, arranging for care of things, and soon loading the truck for the journey.   What a month!   Handled with aplomb, calmness and with velocity.

China Travel Advice

If you are headed to China for travel or vacation, I highly reccomend not using Traveller’s Cheques, especially not in the local RMB currency.  Instead, bring some RMB to start your trip and bring your ATM card.  You can withdraw local currency from Bank of China ATMs if you need more cash.