China Travel Advice

August 9, 2012

If you are headed to China for travel or vacation, I highly reccomend not using Traveller’s Cheques, especially not in the local RMB currency.  Instead, bring some RMB to start your trip and bring your ATM card.  You can withdraw local currency from Bank of China ATMs if you need more cash.


  1. Actually, I have a friend who’s probably travelling there in about a month. How are they for accepting credit cards? My friend typically uses Mastercard.

    • Hi there mon ami! }:)

      Depends on where you are, and where you are shopping. I don’t know about restaurants, as those were covered for us, but most hotels and department- or supermarket-type stores, as well as the government run tourist (silk, jade, tea, etc) stores will take credit cards. Many smaller merchants, whether in a full storefront or a kiosk, will not. As you leave the big cities, it will also become less and less common. My guess (never been, so don’t know) is that Shanghai and Hong Kong probably would be the opposite, and more would take credit cards.

      Best bet I think would be to carry some RMB, and a way to get more RMB if necessary, either through a debit/bank card, or cash advance through your credit card (if you have it set up for that, and I bet you’ll pay fees for it). (Also, you’ll need to hit up the Bank of China ATMs to get any $ out, so when travelling out of the larger cities find out where those are first thing, and/or travel with more $ on hand). Try to use the CC wherever you can, and dip into that RMB reserve if they don’t take it. $100 worth of RMB should be a safe number, if you’re not out there buying lots of things. }:)

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