Notes for a real future

Some random notes I took while at the Cradle to Cradle event last year… found them today and was inspired by them and love ’em.

There is a distinction between Efficient vs Effectiveness:  Efficient is doing something right or perfect.  Effectiveness asks What is the Right thing.

If you perfect (maximum efficiency) the wrong thing, then you are perfectly wrong.

Design is the signal of human intention.  If we look at our designs and their impacts, we can ask “what is our intention as a species?”

A tree is not carbon neutral.  A tree is a carbon positive:  not less water, clean water; not minimal carbon, but cleaned up carbon and more oxygen;  not less soil or same soil, more soil;  not less or same, but more shade, more food, more habitat, etc.  X neutral can be a trap (create something that goes beyond).

No ant is jobless.

Celebrating abundance