Well, poo.  On the face of it, the intention behind it, I love Prop 37 and would ask everyone to vote for it.  Mandatory and full disclosure GMO labeling is good sense to me.  However, there’s this thing that this proposition has only ever been a proposition, and like many propositions (and one of the issues I have with the idea of propositions) it is has not had the rigorous go over that much legislation has.  As such, it has issues, loopholes and potentially unintended consequences.  From my own reading of the text in full, and reading various analysis and opinions, is that there’s the thought to say no and have it come back again, more fully formed and a better bill/proposition.  BUT, maybe it would be best to say yea and then come back to amend it with another prop?  Which will work better?  Would No lock it out?  Would a Yes then an attempt to amend be nul as amending would be seen only through the lens of trying to weaken it (no matter what the amendment actually does?)

So here I sit, unsure what would be the more fruitful course… and with only a month to go.   Hrmmmmm… so torn.  Want GMO labelling.  Don’t want poor propositions creating poor hand tying.  On which side to stand?