Keeping with the food theme

Watching a quick youtube short on freegans I was reminded of just how much food is wasted really wasted on a daily basis, on the pre-vendor, pre-consumer and post-consumer levels.  It’s rather staggering when you think about it.  Which is why he claim “we need GMO’s to be able to feed the world,” seems like a feel-good excuse rather than anything based in fact.  Most of the farming techniques and seed product supported by big petrochem/agrobiz companies actually produce less food per acre and per unit of water use than indigenous techniques (as a even a few TED videos have professed).  Given the silly waste in the system we certainly don’t need GMOs to feed people over here.

And I do think it’s silly.  The amount of food that tossed has economic value, never mind the very basic value of feeding people.  And the value to reduce the amount of land, pesticides, water wastage and more to simply create more food that, itself, will be highly wasted.  And that what food is tossed out because it isn’t edible ends up not returning back to the soil is actually a recent oddity.  Compost, cradle to cradle, waste equals food, natural cycle… I say YES.

Speaking of farming, hands dirty, compost, sun, and delight, I harvested another round of tomatoes from my garden and oh my.  They are this amazing combination of deep red and dark dark green, with an intense and rich taste to match.  I am savouring them sloowwwwwwlllly…


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