D&D and SW

Something really hilarious has been happening in our newish D&D campaign.  We started our characters at level 1 and for a couple of us the characters are really quite young as well.  And, we have been making all sorts of really basic “errors”, the kind you’d expect veteran players to perhaps not make but most certainly wet-behind-the-ears adventurers to make.  Facepalms abound.

Clearly we’re getting absorbed into the RP of our characters with what sillyness we’ve mussed up on!  I love it.  It’s refreshing and good for a laugh, and great to see us play the role to the hilt, even if we aren’t aware at the time that’s what we’re doing.   Also immensely enjoying playing my character… look forward to every time we sit down to play.

In other unexpected and wha wha whaaaa? news, Disney is buying Lucasarts (which really means they just gave Lucas 4 bil dollars, since he was sole owner, think about that for a moment) and making Star Wars VII slated for release in 2015.  I actually think this could work out well.  I also think it could turn out to be absolutely horrible, but look at how well Marvel has done under Disney.  If they take the franchise, put some goooood writers and directors to create a movie that’s actually, you know, a good film, the rewards we could all reap (Disney would make a mint, and we’d get a great film) would be fabulous.  From what I understand, the Zawn trilogy was pretty well received overall (I remember thinking they were pretty good).  They could just take that, give it to some competent screenplay writers and directors, make story and storytelling more important than the technology or the eye candy, and faster than you can say Salacious Crumb, we’ve got ourselves a new movie we actually can fall in love with.

Sabres crossed!