Creative and Unreasonable

December 3, 2012

With the drivingly pouring rain yesterday our usual Sunday practice spot was rendered unpracticable, and with the continuing repair saga at my house my patio was not available as a backup.  What to do?  Want to practice, but where?  Evan came up with the idea of “pulling an airport on the China trip” and grabbing a corner of one of the local malls and practicing in there.  It seemed weird, who knew how it would go, would it be appropriate, etc… and we just let that be and did it.  We found a good spot with room and little traffic, and had a good practice.  Hooray for letting go of our mental chatter and fulfilling on what we wanted to:  practice!  Satisfied we checked out the gaming store in the mall and headed out.

In true California weather fashion, an hour later weather had changed and the sun was shining brightly once more.

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