Dirty Jokes

December 5, 2012

I have often joked that if I ever did buy cable or satellite, and therefore had Discovery Chanel, the Learning Chanel, and PBS at easy reach, I’d never leave the house.   There’d always be something good on that would fascinate me and tickle my love of learning.

I think that joke will be used no more.  I hadn’t noticed, not actually ever having chosen to get cable/etc, that the Discovery Chanel and its ilk (that Discovery mostly owns, anyway), has actually changed quite drastically from what I envision.  Reality is out, REALITY TV is in.  Discovery is out, FREAK SHOW is in.  Learning is out, EXTREEEEEEME is in.  They have debased themselves.

I started to get an inkling earlier this year when I saw some architectural programming that I swear the narration was ripped straight from a monster truck rally crossed with 50s serial way of speaking.  “But his building had a foundation that was weak.  Would his vision triumph over his critics?  And could he keep his building on schedule??!”  (Cue ominous music.)   But it was with the cancellation of Dirty Jobs and, moreso, what’s replacing it, that I really got the point.  I agree with what Eric Deggans and others have said, about what Mike Rowe has done and what he has created in people’s views with his show, and what a generous person he has been, and the passion he spoke about the people he had on his show.  There was much that could be learned and a difference to be made in our society out of all his mucking about.   What’s taking its place I very much doubt will have any positive impact on either learning or living.

Unfortunate.  And today my joke is cancelled along with the show.  If I had cable/satellite TV, it would be a waste of my money.  (PBS is fortunately grabbable over the airwaves and easily in reach on the web.)

One comment

  1. Yup. I always think I want cable, but every time we’re in a hotel, I realize how bad TV has gotten. I think The Learning Channel, now known simply as “TLC,” is the most tragic. For proof, try googling “Honey Boo Boo.”

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