To the mouse

Soooo… unsure yet if the announcement of JJ Abrams as the director for the next SW film is a positive or not.  While for me the ST reboot had some good promise, it also was marred with many detract-y bits. How much of that was JJ, and how much of that was the screenwriter?  Given that was JJ the writer of Armageddon, a decidedly horrible exercise, I think it was mostly him.  And if he, as the producer of the new SW as well as the director, has a lot of pull, I think we’ll see much of the same marring.  Which would be unfortunate – SW could use a serious solid performance to re-boost its standing and cachet.  Fingers crossed.  Strong script with a strong sticking to the script please!

(And, really, perhaps I’m just very worried of this:  lightsabre duels becoming just lens flare vs lens flare!)

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