The Civil Lens

March 23, 2013

I’ve seen it stated that it was the introduction of television into the homes of so many Americans that helped propel the civil rights liberation forward.  Once the events were no longer hidden behind a veil, out of sight and out of mind, and the true nature of what was occurring became visible for anyone who wanted to see (and even if they didn’t want to see it was difficult to avoid), it became untenable to continue with “business as usual.”  I wonder now, today, with the proliferation of easy video, with the proliferation of video in your every day phone, if we are going to see a similar effect.  That which has remained hidden, behind the veil of far way, behind the veil of network barriers, behind the veil of us vs them, if once those veils are drawn aside and we see what’s going on, if much of the business as usual shall too become untenable, and we will work together to give voice and life to everyone.

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