Enter Kundig

April 11, 2013

Went to a talk last night by Tom Kundig at Stanford.  I was semi-familiar with his work, primarily because of his exquisite armature/mechanic inventions that effortlessly move whole ginormous window wall sections with the turn of a small hand crank.  Nifty stuff on its own, but I came away from the talk discovering he has a great sense of space and materials as well.  Beyond just the cool machine bits the designs shown really come together into a whole experience of landscape, feel and materials, spatiality and light.  Really makes me want to explore his work more and appreciate and learn from them.  He’s now totally on my radar.

The talk itself was great, it wasn’t a lecture it was more of an “City Arts and Lectures”-style interview, with one of the Stanford prof’s asking questions for a while, followed by a good number of questions from the audience.  They let the images cycling in the background introduced his work, and instead let him explore practice, the meaning of architecture, his beginnings, his process, and more.  It had been a while since I’d been to the Stanford architecture lecture series, so glad I went again last night.  Inspired now!

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