Putting the Gōng Into it

April 15, 2013

I am a total product of the literal meaning of Kung Fu:  accomplishment arrived at by great effort of time and energy.  I doubt many would ever describe me as being naturally gifted or talented in the physical arts; certainly I never excelled nor participated in many sports as a kid.  When I started my KF training my flexibility was abysmal, my body coordination rather poor and my muscle endurance was low.  My energy endurance was not too bad thanks to much cycling, but even there that came from hard work and repetition.   Climbing gave me half decent balance, but that too was from years of practice and working up to it.  Neither of those seemed to make any difference though as I began my Shaolin training, where I could never put my hands where I needed them and my legs felt like they would fall off at any moment.

All the skill and ability I have today has come from training, training, and more training.  I trained 16 hours a week for a time, and even when moving supplies up the stairs at work I would consider it training.  I asked questions, took coaching, and then trained some more.  I bet it would be hilarious to watch a video of me from when I started (alas, as far as I know no such thing exists).  But that’s where I started out, as do we all start out somewhere and sometime.

We start there.  Then we train.

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