The Hill

December 30, 2013

And so it was, about a week ago, that I passed the “big” four zero.  Birthdays that end in zero are often heralded as significant milestones, to be held up for scrutiny and reflection (I guess it really is the person that is held up for those, not the number or day itself).  I dunno where most draw the line these days, but there’s a whack of connotation for “over the hill” that hangs off a fortieth birthday as well.  I’ve had a few people ask or insinuate about it, and, truth be told, that has gotten me to ponder it somewhat.

And what I discovered… well… is that it is no real big hoopla for me.  I don’t even feel like I’m thirty yet, let alone forty.  I have no experience of anything especially all that different.  Life for me continues to get more and more alive, and I’ve got a strong case of the ‘5-year-old-child’ disease:  I don’t want to go to bed at night, and I pop out of bed in the morning, revvin’ to go.   There are things I’ve yet to accomplish that I want.  There are things I’ve completed and am chuffed about.  There are new things that I’m excited to take on and that scare me a bit.  There are old things that I keep working away at.  There are body changes, especially with my gluten/thyroid thing, and I did Tough Mudder this year and I keep rocking the kung fu.  There are areas I love as much as I ever have, and there are areas that are less interesting to me today.  There are areas into which I want to grow.  There are areas that I want to transform.  I feel I am more alive to life now than I’ve ever been, and I’m letting myself be alive, and expand.  Things are cool.

I for one welcome the hill.  Let’s ride!


  1. 40 is only 28 in hex, that’s probably why you don’t feel 30 yet. Still got 8 years to go :P

    • Ah ha! That explains it… science! :P ;)

  2. Things are cool. Love it. I too, turned 40 this year – just a few weeks ago, in fact. And it felt good. Like you, there are some things I’ve let go and grown past and there are still things I’m working on, but mostly? I’m happier in my own person than I’ve ever been.

    Welcome to 40, my friend! xo

    • -high five- Rock on! Happy 40 to us! The world looks great from atop this hill. }:)

      • Tis the year of 40, cause I turned 40 back at the end of November too }:)

  3. So far so good on 45 too. Downhill is not nearly so bumpy as uphill was.

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