Acknowledgement: Linking it all Together

I find these utterly fascinating, and very illuminating.  And, as they often are, actionable and useful.  There are two links here, and they’re both so full of good stuff I don’t know where to start.  One linked back to the other, so I’ll recommend them in this order:

Wow, wow, and wow.  Amazing stuff, and surprising how rapidly the effect can take hold.  Doubly, or even triply, powerful if we link this research to Brené Brown’s research into shame and its impact.  Mindsets (or views, or stories, or contexts) are the driving organizer (and force, in many ways) to our experience and actions… and these mindsets are not inherent; they are created, albeit most often not by actual intentional design.  Seeing how this turns into a matrix, where how we acknowledge each other (in several senses of that word, from direct acknowledgment to presence/attention) can so readily get linked (created) into our sense of self, worth, and connection, and ultimately our mindset is… indeed illuminating.

Highly recommend you have a read.  It begins simple and unravels outward from there, and when they went into how it impacts relationships I was quite moved.