This is an amazing, astounding, inspiring, real-time, live, right now, direct, video of our home from the International Space Station orbiting our home right now, at 418ish Km above the surface, in HD.

Click the link here:  http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/

Awe inspiring, humbling, and perspective-giving.  A chance to live that which all our space-farers have lived, the enthrallment of gazing back on our home.

I caught the feed just as the ISS was passing the terminator into night;  the view was from the rear-facing camera.  To watch the darkness on the globe gradually slide up to engulf the whole of our heavenly orb… to see the sun begin to set behind our home, leaving just the thin line of our atmosphere, the barest of crescents, hovering like a streak between the blackness of above and below, a blue slash across the dark canvass… the slash changing colour with the hues of the sun, becoming now redder… as the slash slowly retreats, from right to left… growing slimmer and slimmer… until it is gone… and all is the eternal void.  Still.

I continued to watch the screen for several minutes, peering into the dark, moved and elated by what I just saw.

Our Home.

On this mother’s day, let us not forget our greatest grandmother, that of mother nature, guardian and creator, of home.

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