D&D: Old Evil and Next

Fanfare please! D&D fifth edition has an official release date, with books and plans and announcements aplenty. I’ve not been chomping at the bit all that much for a new edition, though I did check out the playtest documents as they came out, and been keeping a bit of an eye on it. Yet… when I read the announcement and all the product layouts on enworld, I got unexpected chills of excitement. I’ve played (A)D&D since grade 10, cutting my teeth on first edition before adopting each new edition in turn, having loads of fun with each. That the brand continues is just great news.  I’m sure I’ll grab a good look at this new edition as well.

I never understood the recent hatred that gamers generated and the splintering of the hobby – I never saw anything to cause a ruckus, especially the hyperbole and the ad hominem attacks that followed. I’m very much in the mindset of Bill Cavalier here. Especially given what external scorn we have faced, as the BBC recently profiled. I remember those days well, having been told by a few people that I was involved in demonic activities, tempting fate with the supernatural, or just plain off my rocker. (Not to mention a social pariah, labelled weirdo, lame, weak, and other things).

That we’ve come to a point where D&D is almost, dare I say, chic, is amazing. Big fantasy movies and the rise of computer games and the MMORPG have refined people’s views, not to mention the current fascination with zombies. It’s a brave new world out there. Let’s see what the granddaddy can do. Here’s to the fifth edition cruising into this space and introducing more and more to the joys of tabletop RPGing.

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