Star Wars Trio

“If I ever played in a Star Wars game,” said Jason, one gaming day as we were winding down a campaign arc, “I’d like to play a wookiee grenadier, who’s a performer. So I can be a wookiee rapper who drops bombs.”

The pure epicness of that idea was hard to deny. “Well,” said I, “I could always run a Star Wars game. Take the old WEG d6 modules and run them in the FFG’s new Star Wars RPG system.” (Because, apparently, I’ve dedicated myself to running old modules in new systems, see my Bloodstone campaign for reference…)

And so it came to pass, and we’ve played a few sessions and been having a good time, leading me to write this post to talk about the new FFG Star Wars system, the Isis Coordinates, and Elladora Leroux. Continue reading