Philosophy Tuesday

July 15, 2014

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

I assert that the words “responsibility” and “blame” have become collapsed together in our everyday parlance.

Under this collapse, who would ever want to be responsible for something, anything, how anything turns out, how anything goes, the outcomes of anything, lives, experiences, community, family, world, self, if that means they will be blamed for it when it goes awry?

Divorcing anew responsibility from blame could open up whole new avenues and power.


  1. […] something to do with their anger and with the situation(s) that would drive them to this action. Not as blame, but as responsibility, a place to stand that grants you […]

  2. […] antidote is to take responsibility.  Not blame, but responsibility.  Reclaim the agency.  We can’t always make something go exactly as we want it to, but we […]

  3. […] scenes are amazing on so many levels. We have characters choosing to take responsibility and to apologize, and how they apologize are pretty darn good examples of how to. We have […]

  4. […] beauty comes from being aware and mindful.  We can be responsible for being dismissive and choose.  We can gain freedom.  We can make the sandbox […]

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