Wonderland boo!

I just heard some unfortunate news — this labour day at 8p will be the last run for Skyrider, the stand-up coaster over by the Minebuster.  I liked Skyrider, it was simple-ish, but it did it well with great pickup, letting you feel the Gs in your legs on the loop, counter-steering before a turn, and a harness design that wasn’t a head masher.  Standup was a good gimmick and a great experience unlike any of the other coasters in the park.  I don’t know what they’ll be putting in that spot, but if they’re losing a standup coaster that’s too bad.  Please don’t put in another hyper-giga-mega-mondo-coaster — you’ve got two already!  Something nifty — another standup would be great, or a Nemesis-like inverted terrain coaster.  I’d be keen on a rocking new woodie too.   (And I’m still rooting for my Dragon Fyre replacement coaster idea someday…)

How I found out about Skyrider’s demise was searching for a vid of the new 3D action adventure “coaster”/dark box Wonder Mountain’s Guardian.  I won’t say much about the ride, for it impressed me not, but I will say something for the entry area — egads!  You’re in the freakin’ mountain!  And the ride loading area has a bit of rock… and a black, flat, unadorned, section of gyp wall with some painted signs on it?  With a ceiling to match?  Looking all the much like a part of a shopping mall currently walled off with temporary partitions for renovations?  THEMEING PEOPLE, THEMEING!  And with that, my rant is over.

Still a bummer about Skyrider, though.  If you’re heading by Toronto (or live closeby) between now and Labour day — please head to Wonderland and ride Skyrider for me, one more time.