The Response

October 29, 2014

Alas. After the tragic events that unfolded in Ottawa last week, already there are motions being tabled to double down on the “security” apparatus, granting the RCMP, CSIS, and more, a whole slew of new “powers”. All the better to “keep us safe from the evils that await us.”

Please: that experiment has been done, on a grand scale, across a very large population and country. And it has led only to mistrust, suffering, tears, and even more insecurity. Don’t do it. It isn’t necessary. There are few (if any) bogeymen out there who simply “hate us and our freedoms” borne out of nothing. Thus, there’s nothing to further “protect” against. The level of vigilance present is enough. We are fine. Put your efforts (and taxpayer dollars) into things that will enliven and empower people and our country for the future.

Please call or write your MP to express your desire for restraint in introducing any new sweeping “reforms.”

One comment

  1. […] Back in October, I invited the federal government to avoid amping up the “security” measures and laws and state power under the guise of “making us safer.” That invitation has not been taken, and Bill C-51 is now in committee, where being in committee means public comment is being curtailed, and witnesses are being questioned with leading and straw man questions of the “do you still beat your spouse?” variety. […]

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