Kickin’ Heavy!

November 16, 2014

Dream Pod 9, that company that I publish the fanzine for, has a Kickstarter going on right now for a new starter set for their Heavy Gear Blitz! game.  Obviously I like the company (as I do that fanzine…) and I think this is a pretty good package to snag in the Kickstarter.  Right now they’re at 46 miniatures of four different factions, plus the quickstart rulebook, for $115 CDN + shipping.  They’ll be plastic minis (the KS is to fund making the molds).  I’ve bought in, and would love to see this explode big to get the Heavy Gear line out to as many new people as possible, and to pad the stretch goal rewards!  There are some beautiful quads in the set, with a high stretch goal of another great quad, along with two hover tanks… and all the walkers too.  (Yeah, I love me my walkers and my grav-tanks (even if these aren’t actually grav tanks…)).  Please support this Kickstarter and get yourself something cool!


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