Kurioser and Kurioser

November 29, 2014

I didn’t see the last Cirque show that came through town. Something about the price point for Amaluna, coupled a sense that perhaps it wasn’t their best work (Ovo and Totem having been somewhat of a decline compared to previous shows, much as Varekai had been) had me give it a pass. Apparently I’m choosing what Cirque shows to go see by gut feel now, because when Kurios was announced I dove in right away. Was my Kirosity piqued? Am I going to make Kurios puns throughout this post? Was my gut feel correct?

In short: yes.

While not the tour de force that Corteo was, Kurios was a lot of fun, and that, I think, is the one word that could describe how this show felt: fun. There’s a playfulness that was there that hasn’t been there in a number of Cirque shows. Not that it was a bad thing; Quidam is dark and delicious, and the intensity of many of their shows can work really, really well. For Kurios, the theme was light, but so were the acts, and it infused a nice atmosphere into things. Another word that made this show fun was creativity; again, many shows prior had plenty of creativity, but there were some nifty alterations to the usual fare that shone in Kurios. Even the music was more upbeat, a swingin’ sound that was surprisingly infectious.

As it is a Cirque show, you know what you’re in store for: costumes, music, dancing, prancing, pratfalls , and amazing displays of human capacity. And that’s what we got in spades. The opening act mixed fun drumming and props with some juggling legerdemain. A bicycle was used in a nifty way to mix up the usual single trapeze type act. And the chair balancing act was suddenly turned up to 11 with a “whaaat thee… brain bogggle! ” twist that was handled most expertly.   I was grinning from ear to ear then back around my head to the first ear again.

Trampoline fun, crazy balancing that just should be impossible, flying people, and an interesting little hand puppet (as in the hand was the puppet!) rounded out the amusement. I wasn’t too excited by the clown acts, though I find it funny that even a fake animal in a Cirque show, treated the way it would be in a 3-ring-style circus, got my hackles up.

Overall I’d call this a pretty strong show, with the first half perhaps edging out the second in strength. The theme was present throughout, though the storyline not all that much; it was pretty threadbare and could have used a bit of beefing up and been on display more. Go see! You’ll enjoy it lots.

(Now, if they’d only done a Kuriosity landing joke… )

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