Architecture Monday

Overall, I’m not a big fan of Gaudi’s work. They’re funky and sculptural, but architectonically they haven’t done much for me. Except this building. (As an aside, it must be said that the history of this building’s construction is an epic in its own right, starting in 1883, involving Gaudi’s death by streetcar accident as he stood back from the front facade to look at a detail, and opening in 2010 with more to go to be complete in 2026(!))

The space inside appears just stunning, a tour de force of primal forms, historic precedents, and an amazing use of light. There are so many pictures that are needed just to show the wonder of the nave, the two above can only start the job. With the concept of a canopy of trees, he has crafted a space that is at the same time grand and approachable, complex yet understandable. The experience of moving through the space, with vistas opening and closing, and spaces shifting all around each other, must be something else.

Here’s a Google Image search to get you started. I have not been to this building, but I MUST GO. I can only imagine being completely floored in a way that even pictures will not prepare me for.