Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

When I get deep down into it, beyond the usual tempest, I’m not actually interested in who is good, or bad, or right, or wrong. I’m interested in what works.

I know, very well, the initial “eep!” feeling when we learn that something we’ve been doing, something we’ve been doing for a long time, and thought was the bomb, turns out to actually have deleterious side effects on our world, ourselves, and on others. It invokes strong cognitive dissonance: I am a good person, therefore how can it be that this thing I’ve been participating in and doing is not as rosy as I thought?

No one wants to be caught out in the middle of the rain like this.

But after that moment of egads, that rush of defensiveness – I didn’t know! It’s fine! You must be mistaken! – it’s time to get down to business and shift. We’re human, we’re adaptable. We can shift.

We can stop doing that which doesn’t work, and find out and then start doing that which does work.

We can stop vilifying and punishing ourselves, and stop vilifying and punishing others.

Let’s take on putting blame and shame to the side, and instead create what works and what we really want for our world.

And, as a bonus, we will no longer need to feel like we got caught in the rain.