P4A – Architecture for Humanity

Here’s my video for this year’s Project for Awesome, asking for votes for Architecture for Humanity.  P4A is a completely community-run 2-day event, where you can vote for various non-profit organizations and donate to the P4A fund.  At the end, the non-profits with the highest votes get a split of all the money donated from noon Dec 13th to end of Dec 16th.  Please check out my vid below, and please vote for Architecture for Humanity (and consider donating to P4A as well)!

Please share this far and wide…  Architecture has the capacity to greatly decrease worldsuck, and it’s an amazing force multiplier for other non-profit and charity activities.  When a community has great architecture, something new gets created.

To vote, go to http://www.projectforawesome.com/charity/architecture-for-humanity/project-for-awesome-2014—architecture-for-humani    (Voting ends on Dec 16th)