Architecture Monday

2226 by be baumschlager eberle – click for more

The purity of a rigorous form can be enticing. And when you tweak it just so, something delightfully unexpected, it comes even more alive. That simple yet expertly constructed form, the smooth white face with the coloured bands from the deep set windows, the reflecting pool that frames the entry path, there’s much here that I like. And this strong formal language continues within, from the tall ceiling spaces to the strongly defined stair.

What I like as a big bonus is that it is an entirely naturally ventilated, heated, and cooled building. Using a double-wall of two types of masonry, the thermal mass of the building, along with the operable windows, are harnessed to provide the building’s climactic control. The intent is to bring the natural back to the operation of a building, and provide human comfort with a connection to the natural.

This is a building that plays with its site, in how the colours of the sky play with the contrast of the building’s skin, how the windows provide connection in and out, both visually and thermally, and how people within provide animation on the silken backdrop.