Architecture Monday

What’s 2.33km long, elevated, green, and full of people and life?

Much has already been written on the High Line (and its inspiration, the Promenade plantée in Paris, which, somehow, I have not yet walked. I MUST RECTIFY THIS). For me, I love the high line and the idea of the high line as it marries my love of trains with my love of adaptive reuse (!) and the power of good design: taking something in place, that had served a function with aplomb, and repurposing it into something again beautiful, impressive, and delightful.

The High Line also created a wonderful urban park, the kind of space so vital and exciting in a city (one lacking, unfortunately, in many North American city designs). That some complain that the High Line has become touristy is a demonstration of how much the locals themselves enjoy it and have, so quickly, taken ownership of the space. With good design has come good development, regrowing the area and pulling people into it.

My last visit to NYC was back in 1995. I had the fun of walking with a gaggle of classmates from 66th street all the way down to Canal street at night, visiting sites and restaurants along the way. Next visit, I’m getting my butt onto the High Line and walking its entire length, soaking it all in.