Architecture Monday

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This is a building I’ve not been to, but amusingly I walked right by the future job site in 2009 during my transcontinental rail trip. Situated just a stone’s throw from the VIA rail station and the sculptural cable stayed bridge, I’ve an impetus to make a return trip to see the new museum. Done by Antoine Predock, the form I think will reveal itself better in person than in pictures, but the crystal spire is a good starting point. It is the circulation space inside, however, that really draws me (the second photo above) – the procession in and out and in and out and in and out and criss-crossing through this space as you ascend through the galleries, that seems like it would be an amazing spatial experience.

Procession often plays an important role in architecture and our experience of a place. Most used in ceremonial or celebratory buildings, it also can play subtly in more tranquil settings, including a traditional home in many a culture. The transitions, open views, expanses, and just the sheer act of movement all together build a gentle narrative, linking us to this place, this time, and the function and meaning of the building.

I’ve not yet been in a Predock building, and if this were to be the first, I’d wager it would be a fine example of his oeuvre.

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