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Kickin’ Heavy Redux!

February 6, 2015

Did you miss out on the Heavy Gear War for Terra Nova kickstarter, and are now kicking yourself for it?  Did you wish for more buy-in, and are now kicking yourself for it?  Did you not even know about it, just found out about it, and are kicking yourself for not hearing about it sooner?  Stop kicking yourself!  You can still kick-support the project and get yourself a wonderful box of minis, more minis, still more minis, rules, and more!


This’ll be a great set, the new rules are shaping up, and with enough support, we’ll unlock the Ammon! The Grizzly’s nearly unlocked too, and so that’ll be two more big minis in that box of full minis!  (And I will immediately purchase at least one additional Ammon…)

Don’t know much about Heavy Gear?  No problem!  The world is a rich one and has a long publication history.  Head on over and grab issues of Aurora, a free ezine, and read some fabulous fiction, and then check out to learn even more.