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Architecture Monday

February 23, 2015

What if you could take the soil beneath your building and use it making your building? What if you could take that soil and turn it into a thing of beauty to surround you every day?

The gorgeous walls above are made of rammed earth. It’s not a new technique for building – it’s been used worldwide for thousands of years – but it’s one that’s much lesser known in our “modern” circles. And it can be a thing of beauty. There’s a grand tradition of exposing your building structure, the very bones of the building, and with rammed earth this can be very grand indeed. Whether monochromatic or, as above, beautifully striated like a canyon cut, there’s a richness available through its use, and the possibility of play with its weightiness and solidity.

Texture, colour, and mass: all components on the palette of making spaces sing.