Architecture Monday

click for video entitled “Hedonistic Sustainability”

Yes! Videos for your viewing pleasure this week. Two TED lectures by BIG founder Bjarke Ingels, in honour of the announcement that BIG along with Heatherwick Studios were the architects for the new Googleplex buildings in my backyard (so to speak).

I’ve been a fan of BIG’s work for a gaggle of years now. They’re not afraid to throw out existing typologies to explore what can be done, and I really respect that, both from a design standpoint as well as from a courage standpoint. I’m an advocate for Design from Intention(s), and it is something they take to heart. They have a program, they have a site, and they have intentions that include livability, sustainability, and spatial delight, all coupled with a playfulness of form and of function. They’re willing to look at the boundaries, knock ’em down, and do something unusual and nifty.

And the results are astounding. Their multi-family housing especially is very refreshing, with views and light and gardens and community and permeability and form and visual interest and more all present in their final design. And just look at the result below; I call that gorgeous.