Architecture Monday

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Adaptive re-use, and BIG architects (still on my BIG kick). Ohhh, you know it’s gotta be good.

And it is. How do you build a new museum in a unique and challenging site, amongst many world heritage structures and national treasures? One that references all of the above, celebrates them, and viscerally connects you to the subject of the museum? And create an experience that is worthy of the site, the subject, the national pride, and the museum going experience?

Why, when you find an existing dry dock nearby, you let your design tingles come alive.

Through a simple but brilliant design, BIG inhabits the spaces around the dry dock, bridging through the void with angled bridges and accessways that render sculptural cuts in the void, heightening its gravitas and giving a sense of the immense scale of ship building. At once, you are surrounded by, informed of, and feel the historical legacy of the site and it’s one-time-use.